CNC Cutting machine

Since early 2014, the Lasco has access to a new cutting machine. A MicroStep MG 16501.30PGG. The MG is a double driven portal machine that combines various cutting technologies, plasma and flame cutting. There is an extensive parameter database so that data for the cutting of various materials set automatically and can be stored. The cutting can also be complemented with marking of the products.


  • The double-drive system ensures a very good cutting quality.
  • It ensures sharp angles and corners and contour precision.
  • The cutting machine has 2 flamecutting heads and 1 plasmahead.
  • The cutting area is 16500 x 3000 mm.

The flame cutting technique is ideal for plate thickness between approximately 20 and 300 mm.

The plasma cutting technology is ideally suited for sheet thicknesses between 5 and 35 mm.

Marking happens with our plasma-marking installation.